Where Mother Nature Shines Brightest

Things To Do Lone Pine Area

Who needs an alarm clock when you have fresh air and sunshine to wake you up! Every day is a day in paradise at Boulder Creek RV Resort. This is Mother Nature’s showroom, where she shares her majestic mountain views, pure pristine lakes and streams, and vast crystal blue skies.

We're surrounded by the magnificent Sierra Nevada Mountains. And we're just a skipping stone way from majestic Mt. Whitney. Every day you'll awaken to a picture perfect view, and every night you'll fall asleep beneath a vast black blanket peppered with sparkling stars.

Hiking Trails

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Plaza Trailhead

The Plaza Trailhead’s most noticeable feature is the Plover Wing Plaza, inspired by the Snowy Plover, a bird that appears in the Owens Lake area during spring and summer. These small structures help in dust control by keeping particles from being gathered up by wind.

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Boulder Creek Trailhead

The Boulder Creek trailhead are distinguished by round, metal shade structures with benches that resemble a cross section of the L.A. Aqueduct. There are birds visible in the nearby mudflats and a large shallow flooding pond to the south.

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Dirty Socks Trailhead

Dirty Socks took on its name because a nearby natural spring with a high sulfur content offers an aroma that may remind some of dirty socks. There is also a parking area there as well as another information kiosk.

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Alabama Hills and The Mobius Arch

Nestled in the Sierra Nevada is a beautiful formation of rounded rocks and eroded hills that has charmed and inspired generations. Here you can see the bizarre and fascinating Mobius Arch with its twisting spiral form that is impossible and beautiful all at once.

5.4 miles, 12-minute drive

Fishing on the Owens River

There's nothing like feeling a big rainbow trout on the end of your line. Fly fishing the Owens River is like casting your line into Paradise. The Upper Owens River is open year-round for fishing, making it a definite destination for all avid fishermen.

56 miles, 1-hour drive

Museum of Western Film History

Enjoy a day of exploring the cinematic West! This unique museum features the country's largest Western backlot, as well as a vast collection of Western film memorabilia. From silent movies, to singing cowboys, to modern takes on the classic Western, this museum celebrates them all.

4.2 miles, 6-minute drive

Manzanar Historic Site

During World War II more than 120,000 Japanese Americans were imprisoned in Manzanar. Today it stands as a reminder of one of the most tragic and shameful episodes in American history. Visiting this historic site is an educational and enlightening experience for the entire family.

15.4 miles, 18-minute drive