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Attractions & Events 

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Lone Pine is on scenic US Highway 395, which runs along the Eastern side of the Sierra Nevada Mountains, about 60 miles south of Bishop.
Film Festival
Lone Pine, CA celebrates every October with film festival dedicated to the hundreds of films and television shows that used the Alabama hills, Sierra Nevada Mountain ranges and other locations as filming locations.
Lone Pine Lake & Mt Whitney Portal
The Whitney Portal is the start of the demanding hike up to the summit of Mt. Whitney and also the start of the John Muir Trail. Less demanding and not requiring a permit is the 6 mile roundtrip hike to Lone Pine Lake.
There are no upcoming events.
Ghost Towns
Ghost Towns

Check out the Ghost towns of the lone pine area. There is plenty to see including the town of Cerro Gordo which is the most well-preserved ghost town in California.
Lone Pine Lake
Lone Pine Lake

There is a lot of beautiful scenery to take in at Lone Pine Lake including waterfalls, and wildlife. There are plenty of trails to explore as well.
Mt. Whitney fish hatchery
Mt. Whitney fish hatchery

When you visit the Mt. Whitney fish hatchery you can enjoy close up interaction with the fingerling fish. Guests can also feed the fish.
There are no attractions to show.

Other Activites

  • Cerro Gordo Mine & Ghost town
  • Darwin Ghost town
  • 1872 earthquake grave site and fault
  • Cottonwood charcoal kilns
  • Mt. Whitney fish hatchery
  • Museum of Western Film History
  • Lone Pine Lake
  • Diaz Lake (2 miles North of the property)
  • Laws Railroad museum
  • Keoghs Hot springs
  • Wild life viewing areas
  • Lone Pine Park
  • Dehy Park
  • Whitney portals, waterfall and picnic area
  • Manzanar Relocation Camp
  • Independence Eastern California Museum

Local Activities

  • Trout Fishing
  • Hiking
  • Rock Climbing
  • Boating
  • Golfing
  • Lakes
  • Museums
  • Off Road Availability
  • Swimming